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How to Invest in College of Education Students

With Illinois Campaign

Individual Retirement Account Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

At age 72, owners of qualified retirement accounts are required to take an RMD from their retirement funds. Donors can transfer to a qualified charity, such as the College of Education, up to $100,000 annually per spouse.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

A CRUT is a giving vehicle that provides a donor with an income tax deduction as well as provides income to named beneficiary(ies) for their lifetime or a term of years. After the terms of the trust expire, the remainder value can benefit the College of Education.

Estate Gifts

These gifts are popular as they ensure you have the resources you need during your lifetime and then afterwards provides a meaningful gift for the benefit of the College of Education. These gifts can be setup through a will, living trust or a beneficiary designation.

Payroll Deduction

Many donors choose to give to their charity of choice through a payroll deduction. A charitable payroll deduction allows a donor to “spread” their gift out over the course of several years.


A pledge is a promise to pay a specified amount over a set period. For example, a donor might pledge $25,000 to create a scholarship in the College of Education to be paid over five years, by installments.