College of Education

2021 Impact Report

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Our Centers and Initiatives

William Trent

William Trent, Director of Research Collaboration, Center for Education in Small Urban Communities assists in the generation of research-based understandings of our collaborative engagement in educational improvements. Aligned with the mission of the University of Illinois as a land grant institution and with the goals of the College of Education, the Center serves as a vital resource to local school districts and educators.

Rebecca Ginsberg

Rebecca Ginsberg, Director, Education Justice Project (EJP) contributed to the development of Resolution HJR 27 to create the Illinois Higher Education in Prison Task Force to analyze the existing state of higher education programs for incarcerated individuals and to recommend a legislative action plan to expand access. The legislation was drafted with help from the Freedom to Learn Campaign, the advocacy wing of the Illinois Coalition for Higher Education in Prison.

Eboni Zamani Gallaher

Eboni Zamani Gallaher, Director, Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) is a co-partner in the REACH Collaborative, which is focused on transforming credential pathways to associate degrees at community colleges to improve credential attainment and economic mobility for adult learners of color in six states.